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Pre Interview Top 5 List

Hopefully everyone reading this will have the opportunity for interviews with lots of programs but if you haven't gotten an invite yet, check out our Navigate Residency Forum for lots of great tips and ideas! https://www.navigateresidency.com/forum

Congratulations, you've been selected for an interview!

Now what? These are the moments when the nerves start to kick in and everything starts to feel real. You are in the position that you have been looking forward to for a long time now!

Now to the list of Interview Basics:

Leading up to your interview...

1. Become familiar with the program that you are applying to. If you are going to an interview in Florida, don't ask about how much snow falls during the winter and things like that. We want to see that you have done your research about our program and the area. Research things like their call schedule, and if they us a 4+1 schedule, etc.

2. Don't forget about Medicine! Most likely, you will be asked at least one question about medicine so keep up your medical knowledge by reading books, journal articles and try to always stay at the top of your game!

3. Respond promptly to the program. We always appreciate a quick response in the GME world! The other thing that I would recommend in your response is, don't ask 45 questions in your email to the program. (This number is an exaggeration) but in reality, we appreciate questions because it does show your interest but make sure that you take the time to read your email and try to find out answers to some of your own questions first. After that, feel free to ask the coordinator a question.

4. Plan ahead! If you are going to be booking your own travel and hotel, make sure that you do plenty or research to make sure that you are getting the best deal on your flight / hotel / Air BnB - also, plan so that you will not leave half way during the last day. Plan on being present the entire time that you have been requested to be there. I would find a location near the hospital so that it will be easy to arrive on time for your interview the next morning.

5. Practice your interviewing skills! The best way to accomplish this is with a mock interview with us! When you schedule a mock interview with Navigate Residency Consulting, you will be asked questions that will most likely be asked in your interview and afterwards, you will be able to receive personalized feedback on how to improve and put your best foot forward! https://www.navigateresidency.com/product-page/full-application-review-mock-interview

Good luck! You'll do great!