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Does my ERAS photo matter?

This question has been asked to me a few times since I have been working as a Program Coordinator. The answer is a simple and resolute YES! Your ERAS photo really can make a great first impression! But it can also break your first impression. Here are some tips on how to have the best ERAS photo possible!

The overall goal of your ERAS photo should be for you to make a good first impression and to show who you really are. Below I have expounded on two different categories you should pay attention to when it comes to your photo.

The big things:

  • Dress the part - Guys, shirt and tie is best (keep your tie simple). Ladies - a professional blouse that doesn't distract with bold patterns or designs. P.S. - Wearing your white coat is always a good idea!

  • Have a contrasting background - For example, if you are wearing your white coat, a lighter background may drown you out a bit. The same goes if you are wearing a black jacket with a dark background.

  • Be groomed - This should, of course, be a given. This needs to be a standard practice for everyone. Make sure that you have your hair done and that it doesn't look like you have just woken up.

  • SMILE! - Each program wants a friendly doctor who they can confide in and feel comfortable with. We especially want patients to feel comfortable with you! Make sure to smile as if you were going to do a consultation for a pediatric patient or a niece or nephew. Programs want to see how you will make a patient feel, so try to show that through your photo.

The little things:

  • Stand / Sit up straight

  • Have your shoulders square to the camera

  • Make sure there isn't anything in your teeth

  • Don't use your passport picture

  • Be yourself!

For more questions or if you want your ERAS photo professionally reviewed contact us!